19th of September, 2016 - Kyiv, Ukraine. Research of electronic nicotine delivery systems has started by M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology in partnership with NGO “New Technologies for Health”. Such study is being conducted for the first time and does not have analogs in Ukraine  and worldwide. So that, the results will help us to increase the level of scientific understanding of the impact of smoking alternatives on the cardiovascular health. 

This is a pilot comparative study, which will be continued for 6 months. The trial engages three groups of adult smokers, each group consists of 20 people with smoking experience of over 5 years and intensity of smoking in over 20 cigarettes per day. The study involves three essential medical examinations of the cardiovascular system of the participants: at the beginning of the study, in 3 months and in 6 months after switching from smoking conventional cigarettes to use of electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating devices. One of these three groups is a control group, in which the participants continue to smoke their regular cigarettes.

“Such research of electronic nicotine delivery systems is being conducted for the first time in Ukraine, - says Dmytro Rafael, head of the "New Technologies for the Health", - results of the research will help society to find their position on new phenomenon that is rapidly replacing smoking of conventional cigarettes”.

"The project will finally shed some light on the question whether the long-term use of e-cigarettes and tobacco heating devices are less toxic than smoking regular cigarettes, - says Olena Kvasha, MD, head of the research group. - The study of various indicators will allow us to assess their impact on cardiovascular risk and, hopefully, will become an additional link in understanding the possibilities of using these devices as reduced risk products”. 

Let us recall that 28th of April, 2016 British Royal College of Physicians encouraged for the popularization of electronic cigarettes as an effective measure to overcome tobacco dependence. According to Royal College of Physicians, wide usage of electronic cigarettes as an alternative for smoking, supported with the development of an appropriate legislation (which will make it impossible to spread these products among the children) will have a significant positive impact on the health of the UK population.

A new study on smoking cessation in UK conducted by the University College of London (UCL) and published 13th of September, 2016 showed that around 18 000 people in England quit smoking with a help of electronic cigarettes, and for two years there were no statements about serious side effects that have been associated with the usage of such products.